Drove     Gianfranco to   JFK  to fly to   Italy to propose   to Anelida. See   above for her   answer.   Lorenzo's first   smile.
 Tony's Taxi Limo                        845 702 1615
​   All Credit cards      pets welcome
​Bruce Calabrese, Luisa Gianina Contin, Carmelo Cardarelli, Nick Driano, Libby, Maria, Gianfranco, Aneida, Steve Barbara, Bea, Barbara, Earl, Dick Harris, Ike, Mike, Bob Engel, Mikey Black, Andy Drew Levitan, and all of my customers who put food on my table and a roof over my head, and food for the dog., thank you.
  Mercedes Benz Luxury cars. Quality, Comfort, Experience. Est.1984. Taxi and Airport Service equal to any limo or car company. To-from Manhattan, Newark, Albany, NYC, Boston airports, hospitals, doctors.  Door to Door transportation. Local and Long Distance.
 Brought   Jerry's   daughter   safely home   from Manhattan,   after   hurricane   Sandy,   during the   black out.